Lightning Talk at Smidig 2010 on Agile Basics

Last fall I had a lightning talk at the Norwegian conference Smidig 2010.
I talked about an important topic: what really works and why, in other words, Agile Basics.It went ok, I guess, at least considering it was my first time speaking at a conference.  Next time I’ll try to improve a couple of things:1. I’ll be less nervous… I managed to present what I had prepared calmly and clearly, but my nervousness prevented my passion for the topic from coming through.

2. I’ll follow through on subtopics.  F.ex. on visualization, I ended up mentioning the banal fact that a task board is an example of visualization, when I really wanted to say something about a team and it’s context. F.ex. how a task board that’s visible for everyone promotes a shared mental model between people both in the team and among the stakeholders, and therefore enables much more effective thinking and communication when developing software.


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