Intrapreneur Canvas

An internally focused exploration of an idea is different from an externally focused one. In my experience, noticeable differences have been related to market, revenue, customer etc. F.ex, relatively small potential improvements in work within main value streams could clearly dwarf size of investments, or have been considered already.

Anyway, here’s a kind of intranpreneur canvas that’s been useful for me a few times lately when thinking about building new software.

intrapreneur canvas

intrapreneur canvas

Daily Meeting Checklist

Are work boards updated?

- at least regarding your own work
- “No“? let’s take a look

Are there any issues, problems?

- “Yes“? let’s talk about it…

Can you answer “what’s next”?

- (for you)
- at least until next daily meeting
- “No“? let’s take a look…
- re slack is unplanned improvement work

  • Can you join existing planned, started work?
  • No? Can you help with any bottleneck, problem?
  • No?
    • A bit much work in progress?
      => Do some improvement work
    • Lastly: consider starting new planned work