Daily Meeting Checklist

Are work boards updated?

- at least regarding your own work
- “No“? let’s take a look

Are there any issues, problems?

- “Yes“? let’s talk about it…

Can you answer “what’s next”?

- (for you)
- at least until next daily meeting
- “No“? let’s take a look…
- re slack is unplanned improvement work

  • Can you join existing planned, started work?
  • No? Can you help with any bottleneck, problem?
  • No?
    • A bit much work in progress?
      => Do some improvement work
    • Lastly: consider starting new planned work


Lean Decision Filter

“What should I work on next?”

Yuval Yeret quotes David Anderson:

  • Value trumps Flow – Expedite at the expense of flow to maximize value
  • Flow trumps Waste Elimination – Increase WIP (work in progress) if required to maintain flow even though it will add waste
  • Eliminate waste to improve efficiency – Do not pursue economy of scale

See also Al Shalloway on Lean thinking about waste in software development - it’s not about optimizing and reducing the use of “resources” (to quote a tweet by @drunkcod).