Being Agile

Agility is about balance and speed, and being able to change and adapt to change. 

It's not a binary state, something you are or not, but a question of degree.  You, or your team or company, are more or less agile.

agile leopard
- ability to move with quick easy grace
- having an adaptable character

- synonyms: light-footed, nimble
- related words: flexible, limber, dexterous
- near antonyms: inflexible, stiff

In my opinion, being agile is not the same as using a specific method, tool, or process, or following a specific philosophy.

Agile does not equal Scrum, even if Scrum is an agile process.

Agile software development is not defined by the agile manifesto, even if I agree with most of it.

Getting more agile "simply" means to inspect more and be more able to adapt - or getting real feedback more often, and improving your ability to change and adjust.

Enterprise agility is the ability to respond quickly to unfolding events or opportunities, according to David Anderson in the webinar Scaling Agile in the Enterprise with Kanban.  Getting more agile in the enterprise involves, among other things, increasing trust and minimizing resistance to change (i.e., improvements). 

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