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are you looking for a tool to manage content for a web site (CMS) ?

if you're starting up a blog, wordpress (WP) and movable type (MT) should obviously be on the shortlist.

what's not so obvious is that WP and MT probably should be on the shortlist if you are starting up a non-blog website, too.

WP is based on PHP, in which i personally feel more at home.  MT is based on perl, but there i've got a vendor that's offering technical support and maintenance.  it's a tough call which one to recommend - but recently i have tried to outsorce more stuff, and in that spirit i'd go for MT.

there's also shared hosting vs a separate account to consider.  you likely need a separate account if your website traffic picks up a lot, or if you'd like do other web projects.  it's possible to start with shared hosting and later move  the content of a site to a separate account, but you should always factor in extra work and unforeseen problems...

more on CMS, WP, MT.

Ye Olde Rad Blog has a tip on trying out CMS'es:
"You can actually TEST various CMS'es at OpenSourceCMS, log in (as administrator) and take them for a test drive. Every two hours, the site wipes your changes and starts everything over from scratch. Pretty cool."

also, take a look at - a demo version of WordPress that's wiped clean every night (CET).

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